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Not all advertising is equal. Effective advertising takes a strong creative strategy that targets the audience with on the mark messaging to get customer response. Effective advertising is key in a well-rounded marketing plan. JCarrington provides a customized media plan that includes the types of advertising that meets the needs of your business and captures the attention of your customer. Whether advertising in the St. Louis area or across the country; no matter how small or large your business or your advertising needs, JCarrington Group can help.

We specialize in the creation, production and placement of the following types of advertising:

Print Advertising

Radio Advertising

TV Advertising

Direct Mail

Movie Theatre Screen Advertising

Internet Advertising

Billboards & Signage

Social Media

Ad Design

JCarrington Group (JCG) and our team of St. Louis advertising specialists brings the same creativity and energy to developing your advertising campaign whether it is a single newspaper ad or a series of advertisements on radio, television, and billboards. We love what we do and we bring that excitement into our work - our ideas are the spark that gets your marketing machine humming and our enthusiasm allows us to bring the best we have to offer to each and every project. Once we have a concept, we get to work designing your ad, laying out your storyboard, or writing your script.

JCG can also help you in a fix - we have the in-house talent to complete affordable, high-quality ads quickly and professionally when you are on a deadline.

Ad Production

JCG has the in-house knowledge to direct and produce highly creative radio and television spots unlike your competition! You don't have to manage several agencies or co-ordinate anything. We save you time and money by handling both the creative and production sides of your advertisements. Another benefit of our experience is that the same creative minds are producing, filming and editing your ads, ensuring that end result is exactly how you envisioned it.

Media Planning

Not only does JCG create and produce eye-catching advertisements, we also have the know-how to place and manage your ads, ensuring you are getting the maximum value for your money. With our extensive knowledge of both St. Louis and national media outlets, we can put our expertise to work for you. As your marketing machine, we ensure your ad is getting the best placement whether on television, radio, the web, or in print. We also create and manage your advertising schedule so that your ad dollars get maximum exposure, target the right people and drive results.

Contact JCarrington for your advertising needs in the St. Louis area or anywhere in the country.