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Direct Mail

Direct mail offers a targeted way to get your message into the homes or businesses of your current and potential customers. It drives customers to your business and/or your web site, and it has advantages over other advertising mediums. It's personal, flexible, tangible, measurable and cost-effective because your targeted message gets in the hands of the people you want to reach.

Whatever your message - the announcement of a new product or service, a fundraising campaign, JCarrington Group can manage your direct mail project from start to finish, ensuring your message is delivered to the right people, in the right places - whether they are local in St. Louis or surrounding areas or nationwide - at the right time.

Direct Mail Today

Even with Social Media and digital channels of communication, direct mail is still an effective marketing strategy. The US Postal Service found that 64% of consumers still value the mail they receive, 65% of adults prefer to have something to read on paper, and 76% of young adults have made a purchase based on something they received in the mail. But postal mail is no longer the only option clients have to distribute their message. JCarrington Group will evaluate your needs and recommend the best marketing channel for your business. Whether through the postal mail, email, mobile or internet, we ensure your message is delivered where it will matter the most.

Direct Mail Design

JCG has in-house creative and graphic artists who will personally design your direct mail piece. We will listen carefully to your needs and design a piece that is eye-catching, attractive, and cost effective. Size, shape, content and layout will be unique to you and the marketing message you seek to send.

Direct Mail Production

JCG uses our knowledge of print production to produce your mail piece in the most cost effective manner possible, whether it is a design we created or one you already have. Over our years in business, we have built extensive relationships with the print vendors in the St. Louis area, allowing us to bring you a competitive price, top quality and efficient turn-around.

Direct Mail Delivery

JCG can develop a mail list or email list to best reach your targets. We can also use or incorporate your existing mail lists into your project. We ensure your piece meets the latest USPS regulations and work to secure the best possible postage pricing on your piece. Finally, we track your mail piece to ensure it is mailed and delivered on-time.