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Fulfillment Services

JCarrington Group offers comprehensive fulfillment services for the brochures, periodicals, forms and other printed materials that your business sends out. Whether you're sending printed materials as a marketing component or as a revenue stream, JCG has an in-house fulfillment department that can receive, send, and track fulfillment orders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Receiving Orders

We can receive fulfillment orders directly from your clients through your website, or you can forward orders to us - whichever is most convenient and most effective for your business. We can also set up a phone line with customer service representatives to receive your fulfillment orders-the phone will be answered with the name of your business, creating a seamless experience for your clients.

Sending Orders

As orders are received, they are sent out to your clients or customers promptly and accurately. Each order is checked to ensure quality control and to minimize waste. We use our fulfillment experience and the volume of your orders to find the best postage and shipping breaks and can use our own shipping account or yours. Each address is verified with the latest USPS software before being shipped in order to minimize costly returns. You receive reports on volume and postage costs as often as you need them so you are always informed of the key details of your business.

Tracking Orders

JCG continues to ensure quality by tracking and confirming that each fulfillment order has been sent and received. We continuously monitor inventory levels to make sure that your stock is accurate and to minimize costly waste and damage. Our goal is to provide excellent service and prompt fulfillment so that we can meet your needs, and the needs of your clients or customers.

If your company needs assistance with managing the printing or inventory of your fulfillment materials, learn more about JCarrington's Print & Inventory Management Services.