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JCarrington Group offers a broad spectrum of marketing services to meet all of your marketing needs, building awareness in the communities you serve and bolstering your position as the leader in your field, including:

Strategic Marketing Planning

A most important part of the marketing process in the success of any business. We are creative architects that use a blueprint to know where your business is going and how we’ll get you there. We begin all of our projects by giving your business direction. You know where you are. But we know where you could be. more >


Advertising is always an important marketing component. The Marketing Strategy and Plan provides a guide to the kinds of advertising that meets the needs of your business. Whether it’s print, radio, television, website, billboards, signage, or direct mail, JCarrington Group plans, produces, and places all media advertising. more >

Branding and Corporate Identity

The public and customers’ perception of your business, your image. We can identify the key marketing elements to make your business stand out. more >

Graphic Design

JCarrington Group has its own in-house graphic design team – incredibly talented in designing all aspects of advertising that stays on target with the audience and the message. In all that we do for your business, the key is to maintain a cohesive look in all internal and external marketing materials. From brochures, to ads, to signage, to website design, we plan, write and design to make your business stand out. more >

Public Relations/PR

Unlike advertising, PR is free publicity provided by the media. We have spent years building solid relationships with the media in print and broadcast. We understand the kinds of articles, features and announcements the media are interested in. We look for PR opportunities that will benefit your business and provide the media a story of interest for their audiences. more >

Direct Mail

Direct Mail offers a targeted way to reach your current and potential customers. It drives customers to your business or your Web site, and it has advantages over other advertising mediums. It’s personal, flexible, tangible, measurable and cost effective because your targeted message gets in the hands of the people you want to reach. more >

Web Site Design

Getting your company known on the web is what we do. From creative web site development to recommending how your company can gain its share of web site awareness and clients seeking your services. more >

Event Planning

Get your company noticed with a spectacular promotional event, a fundraiser for your not-for-profit, or an open house. JCG can create and plan large or small events, taking care of all the details that ensure your event's success and positive publicity! more >


With our in-house fulfillment capabilities, JCarrington Group can handle the local or nationwide distribution and fulfillment of all of your printed materials, forms, brochures, catalogs and more. more >

Print & Inventory Management

Keeping your printed materials organized and in-stock is another service we offer our clients. We handle revisions, redesign and print management of all your printed materials including forms, brochures, and catalogs- along with inventory storage capabilities. more >