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Marketing is the umbrella for a multi-layered approach to promoting your business to consumers in positive, meaningful methods that differentiates your business from the competition. Effective marketing = brand loyalty and long-term profits. Why? Because marketing is more than just selling, and it's full time if you want your company or product to continue to stand out from the competition. That's why JCarrington Group offers the total spectrum of St. Louis marketing services-taking your business from a very small fish to becoming a BIG fish!

No matter where your business is located, our team of St. Louis marketing specialists can direct sell your product or service to your customers via many internal and external promotional methods-right on for your business and right on for your target audience. Your marketing program may consist of branding your company by positioning your business in whatever makes your business stand out from the competition. From proper positioning to effective creative, to delivering your message in appropriate marketing components that may include logo design, tagline, print, television, radio advertising, direct mail, brochures, signage, flyers, social media, newsletters, cross-promotions with other companies or organizations, special events or public relations.

A well-thought out, defined marketing program should bear continuity. Each marketing component must focus on your target audience to effectively build awareness about your business, product or service with the purpose of encouraging potential customers to try your business, services or product.

Importantly, customers' needs change in where they get their information as well as message content that really talks to your prospective customer and gets their attention to call or visit. In an ever-changing marketplace, the creative strategy must stay fresh-to hold onto current consumers and bring in new consumers!

Did you know? In today's world of massive advertising and message overload, prospects must see your message at least 14 times! Your marketing must cut through the clutter to get noticed and to generate response. That's why it's vital to have an effective marketing team that knows how develop effective messaging and cost-effective marketing techniques.

Marketing is more than just "selling." It's building company exposure, maintaining a presence, and bringing in new customers as well as maintaining customers and relationships.

We get to know your target audience, and never assume we think we know what they want or think we know where prospects get their messages. Contact JCarrington for your marketing needs in the St. Louis area or anywhere in the country.

Marketing Campaigns

Our firm is highly experienced in planning, creating and launching cohesive marketing campaigns that include the full marketing mix of advertising, public relations, special events, in-house promotion, direct mail and website promotions. Full-blown marketing campaigns are highly effective in branding, building awareness, generating customers and keeping your business as a front- runner in the industry.