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So often, businesses and corporations look to different companies for a variety of marketing needs. “Let’s don’t place our eggs all in one basket.” Print ads, radio spots, newsletters, public relations, special events, marketing planning, media planning and website development.

The result? Lost time, wasted dollars, inconsistent graphics and messaging across today’s wide spectrum of media and marketing channels, and, oftentimes, lackluster results and a confused marketplace.

Getting Your Message Out Efficiently and Effectively

We bring to your table, marketing professionals with a vast degree of experience and dynamic talent including marketing planning, research, graphic design, copy writing, media contacts, and a mindset that your business or company must stand out from the competition. We begin by identifying exactly whom we want to reach (target audience.) Then, we formulate the key message and design graphics and copy that targets the message to your company’s prospective customers.

Whether it’s building or rebuilding a brand, generating positive word-of-mouth, bringing in new customers, or extinguishing a company crisis—we combine creative with continuity in every aspect of your company’s marketing. True branding – not just advertising, JCarrington Group provides best in-breed marketing solutions across a broad range of media and marketing channels.